Dear Citizens of Auburn,

Recently, I announced, that I will seek the office of Mayor in the upcoming municipal election. I have been honored to serve the residents of Ward 2 since 2012 and now I look ahead to humbly serving all of this great community as your Mayor.

As your Mayor, I will be a consensus builder, a problem solver, and an attentive listener. Addressing the needs of a dynamic city demands that the decision makers are in constant contact with the citizens. All viewpoints must be considered and respected. You deserve for every decision to be well vetted and well communicated.

I pledge to you that Auburn City Government will conduct its deliberations in an open and transparent forum. Once the new City Council is installed, all Council meetings and work sessions will be streamed for citizens to view live or will be available thru the City's website. Trust is a primary tenant of healthy leadership. By making our meetings available to everyone-anytime, the citizens of Auburn will be better informed and will better understand the work of their City Government.

As Mayor of Auburn, I will lead a Council that will will work for the betterment of every citizen in Auburn. Auburn deserves to see its city develop from a managed approach. You should expect that city infrastructure is maintained. You should expect that traffic and parking needs are a priority. Auburn citizens want a parks and recreation system that allows for the unique quality of life experiences that can occur in our parks, fields, and facilities which are well-planned, well-managed and well-maintained. Each of these, infrastructure, traffic/parking, and parks and recreation, touch all of Auburn. By managing and planning for the future, all of Auburn will benefit.

I believe that Auburn is best served by two primary focus areas: Protection and Education. A city that is safe and a city that invests in public education is a city that is healthy. As Mayor, I will lead the way to see that our children have a secure community to call home and an educational system that provides for an exceptional future.

Auburn is a community whose best days are yet to come. I ask you to get involved with your city government. Communicate with your representative. Attend Auburn City Council and committee meetings or watch online. Take notes and share your ideas. This is your city. TOGETHER, we can make the City of Auburn, the very best community for all of Auburn's citizens.

Let's Do This Together!

Ron Anders


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